New Government Guidelines...

Due to current government guidlines, 
unfortunately we now have close at 10pm.

Please follow all of the guidelines as instructed by government guidelines.
However we still wish that you will enjoy your visit to 
The Den & Terrace exprience. We welcome you all as always.

We will be open fron 12pm to 10pm until further notice. If you wish to visit as a guest of The Den & Terrace then please arrange a booking through following any of the details provided below:

Current Opening Hours for The Den & Terrace:



1) Your face mask must be worn at all times when entering and walking
around the venue,  although you may take it off when you are seated only,
and only then please.
2) Your ID will be checked upon entry to The Den & Terrace, and failure to so will prohibit you from access to your agreed booking.
3) Strictly no mingling or wandering around please; if we continue to have to
inform you or any of our other guests that they cannot do this during the current environment, we will unfortunately be in a position whereby we have to request that you and any other guests who fail to
follow these rules will be compelled to leave the premises immediately
4) Please agree that no alcohol is allowed to be brought onto the premises; purchase only what we provide and is available from
us if you wish to remain as a guest of  The Den & Terrace.
5) Last orders will be at 9.30pm; please be aware of this
‘Last Orders’ rule and respect it.
6) Please drink up before 10pm and try to leave the premises
in an orderly manner, respecting the residents of the surrounding location for their good and your own.
7) Upon leaving this venue, please make your way out of the exit through the middle staircase and vacate the area once you are outside. Please don’t just hang around at the end of the road chatting once you’ve exited; then just please head home and relax.

Remember we do always welcome you back to The Den & Terrace.

Thank you!

For booking requests, please use either the email address provided above or the booking form provided below. We welcome you all of course, but please do read the current venue rules, which are in accordance with government guidelines. Thank you, and we honestly do look forward to meeting you soon and also being given the opportunity to share the fun with you that can be found at the The Den & Terrace!

Venue Rules

Coronovirus Safetey Rules in The Den & Terrace and other activities

Our venue follows COVID-19 secure guidelines and will hopefully be able to continue to host for more guests in the near future, but following government guidelines, we cannot unfortunately at the moment accept a table booking request for a group of guests which numbers more than 6 people

Please try to follow the limits as set out by current government guidelines and if you wish to have more information on this matter please, either follow the government guidelines as shown above, or feel free to contact us directly;



Booking Request Form