For booking requests, please use either the email address provided above or the booking form provided below. We welcome you all of course, but please do read the current venue rules, which are in accordance with government guidelines. Thank you, and we honestly do look forward to meeting you soon and also being given the opportunity to share the fun with you that can be found at the The Den & Terrace!

Venue Rules

Coronovirus Safetey Rules in The Den & Terrace and other activities

Our venue follows COVID-19 secure guidelines  and will hopefully be able to continue to host more people in total in the near future, but following government guidlines, we cannot at the moment accept a request for a table or group of guests which numbers more than 6 people. 

Please try to follow the limits as set out by government guidelines and if you wish to have more information on this matter please, either follow the government guidelines as shown above, or feel feel free to contact us directly; Despite all of the above jargon, we welcome you all.

Play it safe, stick to the  venue rules and we will  all get through this together, and have fun of course!  

If you do attend at any point, The Den & Terrace, then please complete the following contact tracing form:

Booking Request Form

Official Government Advice