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The Den & Terrace is based in Clifton, Bristol, UK; a hideaway bar with a fantastic garden and terrace which is on street level with an underground bar, music, plenty of space for all of our guests, a separate pool hall, darts room and function room, which is available for booking on request, generous seating arrangements to accommodate any of the needs and requirements our guests. Nick and Nico, both of whom are now the new proprietors of  The Den & Terrace  began this venture with the collective intention of doing just a small amount of maintenance work to the restore this landmark property back to it’s rightful public place, whenever it was deemed safe enough to do so; with the current environment and government guidelines in mind of course. But, they decided to go a bit further, to seize the opportunity and add their very own touch to this inspiring venue. Primarily for the benefit of others of course and in keeping with the location of this wonderful venue. The Den & Terrace has naturally always had it’s own charms; Nick and Nico understood this when they took ownership of The Den and Terrace and have kept more or less to the original theme, which continues to offer the area of Clifton, Bristol, UK something a little bit different to the usual. It provides an alternative venue than the usual up-market wine bars you than you might normally expect to frequent in this particular area of Clifton, Bristol, UK. This is a unique bar and we highly value all of our customers. We are entirely focused on making this a homely, fun and entertaining place for you to visit! We’re normally open from 12pm to 10pm each day of the week. Please visit our Bookings page for further information. In the daytime hours please feel free to come in and enjoy our coffees, drinks and also the quiet spaces you can work in (FREE WIFI – please either follow this link for further information, or if you are visiting, feel free to ask a member of our friendly team for access details)  or just relax in the inside or outside areas of the bar at any time during our hours of opening. We would also like you to discover that in the evenings, this venue really does come to life; live entertainment, spaces to hang out with friends, an outside smoking tables & Non-smoking table areas; please provide us with your preferences using the the following Bookings form.

And, of course please always feel free to ask a member of our friendly and helpful team of staff, ready to serve you and provide any further information you require. So please do come in and see us soon, enjoy your time with us and being a guest at the experience of visiting this unique watering hole. 
We now have a brand new and enthusiastic staff team and respectable prices.

Most importantly we have lot of fun times ahead planned for you.

We welcome you all to The Den & Terrace!

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday, 12pm until 10pm